Our Mission: To make face covers effective, sustainable and comfortable

Our Mission: To make face covers effective, sustainable and comfortable

Face coverings are becoming more and more prevalent, being recognised as a key defence in the fight to stop the spread of the virus and being made mandatory in many situations.

We are on a mission to make sure everyone has a face cover that is:

Effective. There is no government standard on non medical face coverings - as long as your mouth and nose are covered you are legally compliant. This means there are a plethora of products being used some of which are either totally or largely ineffective. With face coverings an important part of the solution, let’s wear face covers that do the job they are designed for, not just comply with the letter of the law.

Comfortable. Having a face cover that is totally effective but you hate wearing is not the answer. The more often you have to touch and remove a face covering the less effective it is. Let’s wear face covers that are comfortable enough to wear for long periods.

Sustainable. This is a biggie for us and one of the key reasons we wanted to bring this product to market.Disposable face coverings are contributing to a mounting environmental disaster, with a recent study citing the UK sending 1.6 billion masks to landfill each month. Part of our reason for being is to bring this number right down. There is no reason not to invest in a reusable face cover with strong eco and sustainable credentials, at £9.99 each our are estimated to last up to 60 washes giving a price per wear of only 17p even if you wash it every time you wear it.


We’ll be doing a series of blog posts in depth on each of these topics, but here’s a summary of why our face masks meet our mission.

They are effective: Designed by doctors, tested to the highest standards and finished with an anti viral treatment, they have been labelled ‘best in class’ for a non medical grade face covering.

They are comfortable: Made from high quality, 400 thread count super soft Supima cotton they are soft against your face. Because of the threadcount alongside the anti viral treatment they are two layers, helping with breathability. The ear loops are made of soft elastic, that means they help pull the mask close to your face whilst being soft on your ears.

They are sustainable: Made entirely in the UK with a fully traceable supply chain we know exactly how, by whom and from what Brilliant Masks are made. From the raw cotton, which is GreenprintedTM with non toxic inks in a waterless process powered by renewable energy. The masks are reusable for an estimated 60 washes and our packaging is all from recycled or sustainable stock.

That’s not all that is brilliant about our face covers, but summarise our reason for being. Help us on our mission please by making sure you wear effective, comfortable and sustainable face covers and if you agree ours are brilliant, please tell the world! 

Did we mention a contribution of each sale goes to Alder Hey? Just one more reason our masks are, you guessed it, brilliant.