"Cotton face masks provide a higher effectiveness against the virus than synthetic coverings"

"Cotton face masks provide a higher effectiveness against the virus than synthetic coverings"

Effectiveness of cotton and synthetic masks tested in a recent study 

A recent study by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has found that cotton face masks are more effective than synthetic coverings as the humidity in breath helps the fabric trap particles.


Cotton Masks have greater filtration properties 

Key findings of the study suggests that the high humidity caused by exhaled breath improves the filtration properties of cotton masks by 33 %. In comparison, the study suggested synthetic face coverings made from materials such as polyester and nylon do not improve filtration when exposed to humidity. 

Cotton masks are 12-45% better at filtration

The study in question, compared the filtration properties of various types of masks in a controlled environment. Nine different types of cotton were tested and, when subjected to the humid conditions akin to human breath, became better at filtering out particles by between 12 and 45 per cent compared to the synthetic equivalent. Six types of synthetic fabric, including nylon and polyester, were also assessed and found to perform poorly in comparison to cotton. Cotton masks get better at filtering out particles when exposed to humid breath.

Humidity in breath makes cotton masks more effective at slowing the spread of COVID-19

Cotton (left) and polyester (right). Cotton fibres absorb moisture from breath, which increases filtration.


Cotton masks absorb moisture from breath

The NIST researchers concluded that the hydrophilic fibres found in cotton allow for better filtration of particles in humid conditions. Hydrophilic fibres absorb water and as a result they soak up small amounts of the water in a person's breath, creating a moist environment in the fabric. However, synthetic materials are hydrophobic and repel water, therefore not improving filtration ability. 

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