Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

What is Earth Day?

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has championed the support of environmental protection. Earth Day has been ever expanding since its origin and now coordinates global events to more than 193 countries and has an active reach of 1 billion people. The day inspires people act towards the protection of the environment and focus on the need for conservation. Earth Day has 5 key areas of long-term focus which include: plastic and pollution; science and education; people and communities; conservation and restoration; and climate action. Derived from the key areas of focus, each year Earth Day has a theme. The theme for 2021 Earth Day is ‘Restore Our Earth’ and key events organised includes action summits and a live streamed event. Additionally, there are events which are organised at a local level.

The Environmental Impact of Disposable Face Masks

A key aspect of Earth Days focus regards plastic and pollution. An unfortunate consequence of the current situation is the detrimental impact on the environment caused by disposable coverings. The scale of this issue cannot be understated as a survey by TradeWaste found 58.8 million facemasks are being used daily in the UK and 43.3 face masks are sent to landfill each day. This equates to 90% of facemasks used daily are discarded. This coupled with the suggestion that single use plastic coverings take 450 years to degrade, provides a serious environmental issue. Additionally, disposable face masks which are discarded incorrectly have a negative impact upon the health of wildlife. For example, disposable masks which end up in the oceans break down into microplastics which are then ingested by marine life. Therefore, the environmental impact of disposable face coverings is wide reaching.

Brilliant Masks Commitment to Sustainability

Here at Brilliant Masks we create reusable masks which help to prevent the pollution caused by single use masks. Our masks are designed to be used time after time and are washable. The anti viral properties of the masks will last for at least 30 washes (as tested by the manufacturer of the treatment). Therefore, by using one Brilliant Mask you can save using at least 30 single use disposable face masks. Moreover, cotton masks will biodegrade - there is no plastic used in a Brilliant Mask.

Our masks are entirely made in the UK have a transparent and traceable supply chain. We know exactly where and how our masks have been made.

GreenprintingTM is a further suitable consideration used in our production process. This process uses 95% less water than conventional printing, uses no nasty chemicals and is powered by renewable energy.

This Earth Day, please consider the plastic and the pollution environmental impacts caused by disposable face masks and make a change by choosing a reusable Brilliant Mask.